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Welcome to Jordan Consulting of North Carolina. As the name implies we are a consulting group based in central North Carolina in close proximity to the state capital of Raleigh and the surrounding technical expertise found in the many universities as well as the Research Triangle Park (RTP).

For over 17 years Jordan Consulting of North Carolina has focused on bringing technology solutions to small businesses in the area as well as to remote locations as needed. We develop a high level of customer relations with our clients taking them from the purchase of a single PC to concept development, planning, implementation and support of the business' total computing and internet requirements.

Given the explosion of content driven business processes, our core focus is on data security. Knowing your data is securely encrypted and stored safely offsite frees the business to concentrate on their core business. Jordan Consulting will do more to make you feel comfortable with today's technology, at lower prices, than you will get from large chain vendors.

To find out how our team can help you or your business contact us for a free consultation today.

Check out our products page for a complete listing of the other services we offer, or e-mail us with your personal or business technology needs and let us remind you what customer service really means. Bookmark this page.

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