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PC Sales, Service and Upgrades

PC Sales

By partnering with leading pc manufacturers like Dell and HP, Jordan Consulting offers the highest quality desktop computers, notebooks, servers, accessories and more. We also offer custom desktop pc's, laptops, and services to all segments, including home and home Office, small to mid-size businesses, government, and education.

PC Service

Since 1995, Jordan Consulting has specified, installed, implemented, and maintained computer systems, servers, and networks. Our primary goal has always been to provide the most effective and cost efficient service to our clients. Customer service is our top priority!

PC Upgrades

With modern plug and play pc components, upgrading your own PC has never been easier. PC upgrades arenít all about boosting the power of your PC, some are about allowing you to get more done in less time, allowing you get your work done quicker and easier. While itís true that many upgrades do increase the overall performance of your PC, others are designed to make your existing PC easier to use. Whether it's adding more RAM or hard disk space, upgrading your video card or simply adding a second DVD-ROM device, we can recommend a quality upgrade at an affordable price.

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